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Planet X FX | Collected vfx-breakdowns

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  • Release
  • De Geheimen van Barslet
    Regisseur: Boris Paval Conen
    Producent: Waterland Films 
    ©2012 Waterland Film / Planet X FX
  • Dolfje Weerwolfje
    Regisseur: Joram Lürsen
    Producent: BosBros.
    ©2011 Bos Bros. / Planet X FX
  • Penny's Shadow
    Regisseur: Steven de Jong
    Producent: Penny's Shadow Filmfonds
    ©2011 Penny's Shadow Filmfonds / Planet X FX
  • Gooische Vrouwen
    Regisseur: Will Koopman
    Producent: Talpa Fiction
    ©2011 Talpa Fiction / Planet X FX
  • Pizza Maffia
    Regisseur: Tim Oliehoek
    Producent: IDTV Film
    ©2011 IDTV Film / Planet X FX
  • De Hel van '63
    Regisseur: Steven de Jong
    Producent: De Hel van '63 Film BV
    ©2009 De Hel van '63 Film BV / Planet X FX
  • Spion van Oranje
    Regisseur: Tim Oliehoek
    Producent: Fu Works, IDTV Film
    ©2009 IDTV Film / Fu Works / Planet X FX
  • De Scheepsjongens van Bontekoe
    Regisseur: Steven de Jong
    Producent: DSVB BV CV
    ©2007 DSVB BV CV / Planet X FX

Welcome to our collected visual effects breakdown page!

After finishing a project, we often create a visual effects breakdown to highlight our share on the show. 

We recently released our showreel for 2012 which covers our work from 2007 up until now. On this page we collected all the breakdowns that make up this reel.

More information regarding the individual projects can be found on the project pages, accessible from the top menu.


De Geheimen van Barslet [2012]

Dolfje Weerwolfje [2011]

Penny's Shadow [2011]

Gooische Vrouwen [2011]

Pizza Maffia [2011]

De Hel van '63 [2009]

Spion van Oranje [2009]

De Scheepsjongens van Bontekoe [2007]