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    Feature films

    Spy of Orange

    2009  Fu Works, Idtv Film, director Tim Oliehoek

    The action comedy 'Spy of Orange (‘Spion van Oranje’) by director Tim Oliehoek tells the story of Bruno, the terrorist twin brother of the ungainly couturier François van Vliet (a double role for Paul de Leeuw). Bruno devises plans to destroy the Netherlands and François is the only one who can stop him.

    With almost 500 special effects shots, ‘Spion van Oranje’ is the most spectacular visual effects film that was made in the Netherlands to date. Planet X FX worked on the film for seven months to make the breathtaking adventures of François and Bruno believable.

    The showpiece of Planet X FX’s visual effects in ‘Spion van Oranje’ is the scene in which the Royal Palace in Amsterdam is blown up. A realistic-looking computer model of the monument was created for this. This scene, which lasts less than 20 seconds, is the result of months of research and post-production.

    Visual effects making of reel

    A random choice of one of the many visual effects that Planet X FX produced for the film. Insight into the processes is given by comparisons and an explanation of how the various shots were built up.

    Title sequence Spy of Orange